Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Talk Back

Several papers across Arkansas have been printing articles about what the Chamber of Commerce is saying on the Employee Free Choice Act. Here are examples from last week: Morning News, Arkansas Democrat Gazette - Northwest Edition, Benton County Daily Record. And here is a column from the NW Arkansas Times attacking unions, and yet another negative editorial from the Arkansas Dem Gazette.

You can help us set the record straight, by writing a letter to the editor for your local paper. If you'd like some help writing a letter, or would like some sample letters to work with, please email or call Laura at 501-265-9847.

There's also a tool you can use, that gives you talking points and submits the letter automatically for you. Don't forget to let us know when it's printed!

Last week the Texarkana Gazette printed our response to their editorial. There were also great letters by Bill Fritz in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Bradford Bowen in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Northwest Edition, Melba Collins and Edwin Stanfield in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and Gordon Brehm in the Arkansas Times. There was a good article in the Heber Springs Sun-Times on Friday too. There was also a fairly balanced editorial in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this weekend. Please keep an eye on the opinion page in your paper, and let us know if you see anything good or bad about the Employee Free Choice Act.

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