Friday, April 24, 2009

The First 100 Days: Media Attacks on Employee Free Choice

The folks at the watchdog group [2] Media Matters have been taking a close look at media attacks on President Obama and his policy proposals in the opening months of his administration, and they’ve found many examples of media fear-mongering, disinformation and just plain weirdness in the first 100 days.

One of the worst is [3] this piece of rot from Rush Limbaugh, who attacks Obama for his support of the [4] Employee Free Choice Act. Apparently, Limbaugh gets his information about how union formation works not from [5] workers who’ve tried to form unions, but from fictional TV shows. He thinks that bus drivers like [6] Theresa Gares, nurses like [7] Kelly Beringer or casino dealers like [8] Aneil Patel are lead-pipe-toting cartoon mobsters. Limbaugh will say anything to keep workers from having a voice on the job.

The team at Media Matters has picked a dozen of the most outlandish moments of unfair attacks and unhinged rhetoric, and they’re holding a [9] contest to determine which is the “Worst Media Moment” of Obama’s first 100 days. Limbaugh’s attack on workers’ freedom to form unions is our choice for the worse.

Here’s what Media Matters has to say:

The first 100 days of the Obama administration are coming to a close, and there has certainly been no shortage of unhinged and outrageous media moments…

Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Watch the most outrageous media moments from the first 100 days, and vote for which you think is the worst.

With real policy changes under way that help real working families, the defenders of the malfunctioning status quo presume they can kill the legislation by shouting louder and amping up the rhetoric. Let’s talk back.

Vote [9] here to vote for Limbaugh’s smear of hard-working U.S. workers as the Worst Media Moment of the first 100 days.

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