Friday, April 24, 2009

Press Conference on Pay Equity

A press conference will be held observing Pay Equity Day Tuesday, April 28, 1PM at the Fayetteville Public Library Walker Room. Pay Equity Day is the day to which women must work the following year to make the same money as a man made in the 12 months of the year before. Women must work 16 months for what men earn in one year. The press conference is being sponsored by The American Association of University Women Fayetteville Branch, Business and Professional Women of NW Arkansas, Democratic Women of Washington County, League of Women Voters of Arkansas, and National Organization of Women of Arkansas. Information from the new AAUW State by State Earnings Comparsion and the last University of Arkansas Wage Study will be shared. Where women are wage wise and what needs to be done to address the disparity will be discussed.

The agenda is as follows:
What is Pay Equity? - Dr. Berta Seitz
How are Women Progressing?
AAUW Report Highlights - Robin Coggins
University of Arkansas Research Report - Heather Schneller
So....What do we need to do?
Churches Speak out for Fairness and Equity - Rev. Lowell Grisham
Lilly Ledbetter Bill and Business & Professional Stance - Edwina Hancock
Fair Paycheck Bill and NOW Stance - Wanda Stephens
Presidential Commission on Women and Democratic Women Stance - J.P. Peters
LWV Stance - Dr. Mary Alice Serafini
Equal Rights Amendment Needed Now - Rep. Lindsley Smith
Questions from media.

For questions or further information, contact Berta Seitz, 479-442-6256, or email at

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