Friday, January 8, 2010

December Jobs Report

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka
on December Jobs Report
January 8, 2010

December’s jobs report is an ominous sign of the deep and continued
suffering by working families who want to work but can’t find jobs,
despite tentative signs of renewed economic growth. The unemployment
held steady at 10 percent only because 661,000 workers left the
labor force altogether. Our nation remains at risk of a double-dip
recession as well as long-term wage and job stagnation if Congress and
the president fail to act quickly and decisively to create good jobs

The number of Americans looking for work for over 6 months remains
alarmingly high at 6.1 million. Joblessness among young adults is a
dismal 27.1 percent. And the rates among African Americans - at 16.2
percent -- and Hispanics - at 12.9 percent - are especially painful.

It has taken years of financial abuses and corporate giveaways to get
us into this deep hole and we will only climb out if we keep our foot
on the accelerator. We urge Congress to move quickly to pass emergency
legislation. The bill passed by the House in December is a good start.
The AFL-CIO has outlined a five step plan that can be immediately
implemented to create or save 4 million jobs. Our plan would extend
unemployment, food aid and health care benefits. It would rebuild our
crumbling infrastructure and invest in green technology, increase aid
to state and local governments, put people to work in distressed
communities and hire community banks to lend TARP funds to small

For a full copy of the AFL-CIO five step plan go to:

Workers can go to for assistance.

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