Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plan to Revitalize American Manufacturing

“Made in America” is a phrase we all want to start hearing again, and yesterday the White House moved in that direction by unveiling a sound and thoughtful plan to help revive America’s manufacturing sector. We are pleased that President Obama is working aggressively to address this issue.

We are particularly pleased by the leadership shown by Vice President Biden in this area, along with his work on behalf of middle class families. AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Shuler and IBEW President Ed Hill met with the Vice President yesterday.

President Obama’s plan invests in our country by emphasizing job training, rebuilding our infrastructure, leveling the playing field in the area of trade, regulating our financial markets and, importantly, helping displaced workers who continue to struggle in the current economy. The plan recognizes that government must play an active role in order to strengthen and restore our manufacturing sector. And it acknowledges that losses on the order of the 5 million manufacturing jobs lost in the last 10 years and our $840 billion trade deficit cannot be sustained.

Major challenges remain. A framework on manufacturing must also address currency manipulation by our trading partners and the skyrocketing costs of health care for manufacturers. These issues keep America’s manufacturers at a disadvantage. In addition, we urge the Obama administration to call for strengthening the role of workers as partners in training and workforce development. In order to do this we must restore workers’ freedom to form unions by passing the Employee Free Choice Act.

We must also focus on building a workforce for the future by adequately investing in training and education for our young people, many of whom have been hit hardest by this economic crisis. We look forward to working with the Obama Administration and with Ron Bloom, the President’s Senior Counsel for Manufacturing Policy, in order to implement these ideas. Together we can revitalize our manufacturing sector and restore the nation’s middle class.

-- Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on White House Plan to Revitalize American Manufacturing December 17, 2009


  1. Does "leveling the playing field in the area of trade" include tariffs? How could this even begin to happen without tariffs?

  2. Rider I
    Anti-Economic Warfare: We have no Free Trade Agreement with the Communist yet through their ideological perspective (enemy to the American Freedom thought process) and their views on their own resourcefull domination, Invasion of Vietnam, North Korea and now using the US to secure its new Allies Iran against Gangsters and Theocratic extremists. I say we need to do more than just make a plan we need to defend against the war that has been implemented since 1960 against the US and its Allies.

    Read and be enlightened:

    What the government or infilitrated ecomomic agenceis will not do the indiviudals of America will do: 1st Amenemdnet, 9th Amendment, and final the deal breaker for any leader who keeps allowing this economic warfare. Article 6 of the Constitution.
    Americans do not demand the lose of their lively hood and quality of life for products that are not cheaper. We were able to buy t-shirts at $10-40 between the exporting of jobs to the Communist.

    The only folks that are demanding this are the same ones that have let us down. The leaders.

    Please for gods sake our government is failing us. As indiviudals we need to do something. Pass on my research cite. Enlighten those that believe in freedom and the change will start to happen.

  3. Along with Article 1 Section 8
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