Friday, May 29, 2009

Report Bolsters Case for Majority Sign-Up, Exposes Corporate Lies

A new report by four leading universities provides more definitive proof that majority sign up does not cause union or employer intimidation.

In fact, the findings indicate that a lack of intimidation by either side – as well as a clear path to forming a union -- allows workplaces to function more smoothly with no friction.

Data from 34,000 people who joined unions through majority sign-up over a six-year period showed no trace of intimidation by unions or employers, the report from labor studies departments at Rutgers, Cornell, the University of Illinois and the University of Oregon found.

Researchers looked at public sector organizing, which is often done by majority sign-up, from 2003 to the present. "Contrary to business claims, in 1,073 cases of union certification and in at least 1,359 majority-authorization campaigns, there was not a single confirmed incidence of union misconduct," they said.

The findings shatter the claims of Employee Free Choice Act opponents who charge that majority sign-up would cause unions to intimidate workers to get them to join.

This week, workers at two companies joined the Communications Workers of America through majority sign-up. In Arlington, Wash., workers at Roads West Inc., a telecom company, won union recognition with Local 7803 with 100 percent support for CWA representation. In Lebanon Communications in Lebanon, Ohio, technicians won representation with Local 4400 also through majority signup.

The study is available from the AFL-CIO at

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