Thursday, May 28, 2009

Call Senator Blanche Lincoln Today

We’ve asked a lot from you over the past few months. From writing letters and calling your representative and senators, to giving money, attending events and more, your role in the fight for the Employee Free Choice Act has been crucial.

Today we need you to take action again.

As an Arkansan, you have a special role in the fight for all of America’s workers. One of your senators, Blanche Lincoln, holds a key vote, and she is waffling in her support for America’s workers. We are counting on people like you to continually remind her how important the Employee Free Choice Act is for all of us.

If you’ve already called her office, we need you to do it again. If you haven’t called yet, now is the time.

Sen. Lincoln's district office numbers:

Little Rock: 501-375-2993
Dumas: 870-382-1023
Jonesboro: 870-910-6896
Fayetteville: 479-251-1224
Texarkana: 870-774-3106

Calling a senator's office may make you a bit nervous. But trust us, Senate offices are used to getting calls, and staffers are gracious and respectful to constituents who call.

Here are a few quick talking points to help you when you make the call:

  • Sen. Lincoln, I want you to support the Employee Free Choice Act.
  • We need to fix our broken system and give workers a free choice to bargain with their employers to restore our middle class and build an economy that works for everyone.
  • The three fundamental principles that underlie our support of the Employee Free Choice Act are:
    • Workers must have a real choice to form a union and bargain for a better life, free from employer intimidation.
    • Companies cannot be allowed to endlessly delay agreement on a first contract and stall out the choice of the majority of their workers.
    • There must be real penalties for violating the law—companies must be held accountable.

In solidarity,

Marc Laitin
AFL-CIO Online Mobilization Coordinator

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