Wednesday, February 11, 2009

John Boozman Said NO to American Jobs

Have you ever wished you had a second chance to do the right thing? Well this week, Representative John Boozman has a second chance to get it right when it comes to our economic crisis.

The first time around, Rep. Boozman joined with every single House Republican and voted AGAINST President Obama's jobs and recovery plan. Every day since that vote 20,000 more Americans have lost their jobs, including 700 just yesterday in Benton County..

If you ask me, that's plenty of reason for Rep. Boozman to think again and vote FOR President Obama’s economic recovery plan.

Tell Rep. Boozman to stop standing in the way of creating the jobs we desperately need. Just click on this link to make your call now! (We've set up a special system so all you have to do is provide your cell number and we'll be able to patch you through directly to the switchboard at the U.S. Capitol.)

President Obama's plan would prevent cuts in state and local government services, save or create nearly four million jobs, extend unemployment and health insurance for people who have lost their jobs and get our economy working again. Groups from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to AFSCMEand 80 percent of Americanssupport President Obama's economic jobs and recovery plan. It's time for Rep. Boozman to support it, too.

A vote on the final bill is expected within the next day. Please tell Rep. Boozman to vote YES on the Obama plan. Click here to call.

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