Sunday, November 21, 2010

Local Food Pantries Need Donations

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, we know that many individuals and families in Northwest Arkansas have nothing to eat and little to celebrate. The recession continues, job opportunities have not returned, and Congress has refused to extend unemployment benefits to those who have lost their job and are looking for work. Many who can find jobs are paid only minimum wage, which is not enough to support a family, and many workers are unpaid or underpaid victims of wage theft.

One in six of our neighbors live below the poverty line and struggles to make ends meet and provide enough food for their family. Arkansas’ childhood poverty rate is 26% - compared to the national average of 18%. Arkansas children are going without food more than any other state in the country according to a new report by Feeding America. One in four children in Arkansas does not get enough to eat in order to sustain their growth and development.

The Northwest Arkansas Labor Council voted this week to make financial contributions to the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank, the Helping Hands Food Pantry in Bentonville, and the Life Source Food Pantry in Fayetteville. We ask that all local unions encourage their members who can to donate canned goods to area food pantries that are helping feed hundreds of Northwest Arkansas families each week.

Please share as you are able.

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