Saturday, March 27, 2010


Arkansas Constitutional Offices

Triple Endorsement for Secretary of State:

Doris Tate; Mark Wilcox; County Clerk Pat O’Brien

Comm. of State Lands:

Representative Monty Davenport

U.S. Senate

Lt. Governor Bill Halter

U.S. House

1st District:

Chad Causey

2nd District:

Joyce Elliott

State Supreme Court

Duel Endorsement for Assoc. Justice Position 3:

Court of Appeals Judge Courtney Henry; Judge John Fogleman

Duel Endorsement for Assoc. Justice Position 6:

Court of Appeals Judge Karen Baker; Judge Tim Fox

Court of Appeals

Associate Judge District 2 Position 1:

Court of Appeals Judge Jo Hart

State Senate

Dual Endorsement for District 19:

State Rep. Gene Shelby; Q. Byrum Hurst

District 21:

Rep. Steve Harrelson

District 22:

State Rep. Dawn Creekmore

State Senate

Dual Endorsement District 34:

Jay Barth; Linda Pondexter Chesterfield

State House

District 22:

Krystal Thrailkill

District 27:

Vicky Morris

Dual Endorsement District 31:

Debbie Murphy; Scott Pace

Dual Endorsement District 34:

Terri Hollingsworth; John W. Walker

District 35:

Fredrick “Fred” Love

District 39:

State Rep. Richard Carroll

District 92:

Greg Leding

All primaries above are Democratic Primaries. The Arkansas AFL CIO has taken no position on any contested primary not listed above.

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