Friday, March 27, 2009

Who's Really Intimidated and Why?

I find it completely mindboggling that a vast majority of corporate America and CEO's would be so anti-worker. The facts do not bear out their claims being made in the news. It is beyond me how they are able to throw out such false information and innuendos when it comes to the Employee Free Choice Act.

The proposed Employee Free Choice Act would provide working Americans an opportunity to form a union of their own choosing, to represent them and their co-workers for mutual aid and protection through the collective bargaining process(union contract). I guarantee you all the CEO's here in Arkansas have a contract provided them by the corporate office, shareholders, board of directors and stockholders they answer to. Why not the workers who generate the product and profit?

Union organizers "Intimidation and playing it rough", wow, is some 1950's movie? Since the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 there have been 113 cases of fraud, coercion, intimidation and misconduct filed against labor unions in organizing efforts. Of which, only 42 cases have been found with merit. That is less than 2 cases of intimidation a year. To read the news and see the commercials on the TV you'd think it was an epidemic and everyday occurrence.

On the other hand in 2007 there were 29,559 instances of illegal firings and other employer discrimination against workers for workers for exercising their federally protected labor law rights, according to the National Labor Relations Board. Also to help everyone to fully understand the intimidation of the employer against employee, here are some numbers of the annual reports from the National Labors Relations Board; in 2006 employer violations 26,824; in 2005, it was 31,358; in 2004, it was 30784; and in 2003, it was 23,144.

That would be 113 violations filed against the union since 1935 versus 141,669 filed against employers in the last 5 years. So tell me, who is really intimidating who?

Lindsay Brown
Painters Local Union 424
Little Rock, AR 72201

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